Healthy Meals Delivery For Offices & Homes

Our healthy meals delivery service provides London with award-winning, premium wellness catering for offices and homes to improve workplace nutrition and improve mental and physical performance. Our team works alongside City Harvest to combat surplus food and food poverty in London.


Working from home shouldn’t stop your employees from having access to great-tasting, healthy office catering solutions. When they aren’t in the office, your employees miss out on staff treats and perks, so show them you appreciate them with healthy lunch meal delivery straight to their door. Perfect for those that don’t have the option for healthy meals at home, but still want the option of ready healthy meals.

POW at home

If you’re busy and stressed, or if you simply want  a delicious meal, then a great way to quickly feed the whole family is to have a well-balanced meal delivered to your door.

Working AT home

Remote working doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to maintain your employees’ health and well-being. As we continue to work from home, it’s important to provide your team with optimal workplace nutrition and ready healthy meals that will boost their mood and productivity.

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Our focus on the power of wellness and using natural ingredients has led to us winning the healthiest food catering company award at the Greater London Awards (2021). Having a  balanced diet whilst being able to pursue what you want to do is at the heart of what we do and we do this by delivering only the highest quality meals.

The first impact-driven Wellness Food company offering delicious, healthy food for workplaces and homes.

Think well, feel well and work well.

How we do it

How We Prepare Our Unsurpassed Nutritionist Food

We put a lot of pride in our food preparation to ensure we optimise nutritional value as well as flavour. Throughout the process, from planning to delivery, we prioritise high-quality food over macros and calories and focus on providing high-end frozen meals with nutritional consistency. Over the last 20 years, we have cultivated our processes to create superior-quality ready meals with perfectly balanced ingredients to enhance productivity and energy. We believe our chef home meals have the ideal combination of ingredients to provide you with everything you need to get through the day feeling great.

Nutrition, enriched with antiviral properties and formulated to help support you with:

360º Approach

Designed by Nutritionists, crafted by Chefs
Optimum Nutrition & Taste
Low in Sodium
High in Fibre & lean Proteins
Slow-Burn Carbs
Superior Oils & Omegs
Predominantly Gluten & Dairy Free

Absolutely No Nasties

No Preservatives
No Flavourings
No Artificial Colours
No Additives
No Sweeteners
No Refined Sugars
No Pesticides

Optimum Nutrition Values

Dressings enriched with Minerals & Vitamins
Antiviral properties
Easy to digest
Supports Gut Health
Synergy Pairings

Highest Quality Ingredients

We Use 100% Ethically Sourced, Free-Range British Meat
All Fish is Sustainable and from British Waters.
Locally sourced, high-grade Plant Produce soaked in a natural solution to remove any pesticide traces

The Case For Frozen Food

Preserves shelf life using no preservatives
Maintains food quality and taste
Locks in nutritional value
Helps reduce food waste
Kills harmful bacteria and keeps food safe

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