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Powering wellness


At POW Food, we offer delicious nutritionist meals through catering services and home delivery across London and nationwide, promoting healthy meals and team feeding in the workplace.

Our high-end meal prep services are tasty and energising and aim to create a nutrition balanced diet throughout the working week. Our POW Food team is comprised of nutritionists and chefs dedicated to creating high-quality meals using only the finest, locally sourced ingredients available. Our impact-driven approach means we maintain high standards across our value chain, from ingredient sourcing to charity and business partnerships, aiming to have a positive impact every step of the way.

Ali Warburton

CEO & Founder
As an industry veteran with 25 years of experience, Ali has always been at the cutting edge of wellness providing clients with extraordinary, nutritionally valuable and vibrant foods. In the 1990s she founded Ravenous, one of London’s most notable and creative Catering & Events companies and the first to offer mouth-watering dairy and wheat-free food to clients. This laid the foundations for what was to become POW Food after spotting a gap that great-tasting, nutritionally designed food was inaccessible to most corporate companies and employees.

Emily Warburton-Adams

Co-Founder, Head of Sustainability
Emily qualified in Business Sustainability Management through The University of Cambridge and is a certified Health Coach. With a social media following of over 120k, she uses her platform to speak about wellness, mental health and sustainable living, Emily heads POW's Sustainability strategies and Marketing Communications while working alongside Ali on business growth and development.

Charles Merrington

Creative Head Chef
Charlie has an eminent creative flair for profound taste that transpires through all of his food. Coming from a family line of catering industry experts, his Grandmother founded "Gay Gourmet" in the 1970s and published many recipe books. Charlie grew up around food being an intrinsic part of his life and he trained as a chef working in some of the best restaurants in London. For 20 years he has worked with Ali as Creative Head Chef.


Powerful Nutrition for
the Body & Mind

Powering wellness

We are the first impact-driven Wellness Food company offering delicious, nutritious food for workplaces and homes making sure your team are fed well.

Think well, feel well and work well.

How we do it

How We Prepare Our Unsurpassed Nutritionist Food

We put a lot of pride in our food preparation to ensure we optimise nutritional value as well as flavour. Throughout the process, from planning to delivery, we prioritise high-quality food over macros and calories and focus on providing high-end frozen meals with nutritional consistency. Over the last 20 years, we have cultivated our processes to create superior-quality ready meals with perfectly balanced ingredients to enhance productivity and energy. We believe our chef home meals have the ideal combination of ingredients to provide you with everything you need to get through the day feeling great.

Nutrition, enriched with antiviral properties and formulated to help support you with:

360º Approach

Designed by Nutritionists, crafted by Chefs
Optimum Nutrition & Taste
Low in Sodium
High in Fibre & lean Proteins
Slow-Burn Carbs
Superior Oils & Omegs
Predominantly Gluten & Dairy Free

Absolutely No Nasties

No Preservatives
No Flavourings
No Artificial Colours
No Additives
No Sweeteners
No Refined Sugars
No Pesticides

Optimum Nutrition Values

Dressings enriched with Minerals & Vitamins
Antiviral properties
Easy to digest
Supports Gut Health
Synergy Pairings

Highest Quality Ingredients

We Use 100% Ethically Sourced, Free-Range British Meat
All Fish is Sustainable and from British Waters.
Locally sourced, high-grade Plant Produce soaked in a natural solution to remove any pesticide traces

The Case For Frozen Food

Preserves shelf life using no preservatives
Maintains food quality and taste
Locks in nutritional value
Helps reduce food waste
Kills harmful bacteria and keeps food safe

At POW food we only use the highest grade ingredients sourced from the most responsible suppliers.

We buy 100% British meat and fish and as many British vegetables, fruits and salads as possible to help support the British economy and local businesses.


Our meat is all free-range and locally sourced from the Rare Breeds Meat Company, a family run business since 1995, where all the animals are reared in a totally free-range environment and fed only natural foods.


Our fish is sustainably sourced from within the UK from James Knight of Mayfair, with a Royal Warrant from The Queen. The company has a 100-year heritage and is dedicated to responsible fishing delivering the finest and freshest fish.

Eggs & Plant food

We buy Clarence Court Organic Eggs, Grade 1 Fruits, Berries, Vegetables and Organic Superfoods and Oils.

POW nutrition@2x

Kombu is a Japanese seaweed that improves gut health and detoxify the body. When cooked with, it adds minerals like calcium, vitamin B and A to the grains or pulses and breaks down the enzymes to make them easier to digest.

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All POW Food options have been Nutritionally designed with our in house Nutritionist and Chef team to make sure that they are perfectly balanced and contain the right composition of each food group to help eliminate bloating.

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We use complex plant protein boosters in our vegan and vegetarian dishes to increase the variety of amino acids and enhance the nutritional value of the food and improve the protein complex.

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We work towards helping achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, issued by the United Nations in 2016. Aligned with #Zerohunger through our Meal for A Meal scheme with City Harvest, we donate a % of every POW Meal bought to feed a homeless person in London.

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POW Food have a no refined carbohydrate, sugar and processed foods policy to help eliminate bloating, improve immunity, brain power and overall wellness.

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We cook with and use superior oils like coconut, olive, flax and avocado that are paired to compliment the taste and nutritional qualities of each food option. We only heat certain oils dependent on their smoking point.

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Well aware that even organic produce is sprayed with pesticides, or ends up contaminated due to wind pollution, we ensure all of our fresh produce is pesticide free by soaking our fruit and vegetables in bicarbonate of soda, improving your natural immune defences and brain power.

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All of our eggs are from happy hens, Free Range and Organic.

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POW Food believes in transparency and has a policy to only work with suppliers with an aligned ethos. All of our Meat is carbon neutral and Free-Range, our fish is all sourced from the UK using sustainable fishing methods and we source local, seasonal plant produce wherever we can.

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We use organic super boosters and nootropics such as Guarana, Blue Spirulina, Maca and Ashwaganda in our dressings, raw deserts and options that aren’t heated. These super boosters have been used for thousands of years in other cultures and naturally improve the functional value of the food – boosting brain power, helping reduce anxiety, enhance immunity and energy.

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We work to reduce food waste, re-use, recycle and have a zero plastic policy when it comes to our packaging. If an alternative option is needed, we use biodegradable and compostable hemp plastic or bagasse, made from sugarcane pulp. Nobody is perfect but every little helps.

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We work hand in hand with our suppliers to make sure that we source as much seasonal, local produce as we can. Seasonal food is more nutritious and it’s in our interest to support local businesses and work to reduce our carbon footprint.

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We use food synergy in all of our menu options to to maximise the value and absorption of nutrient components; minerals, phytonutrients and vitamins. We pair all of our dark leafy greens with vitamin C, like a citrus dressing to increase the absorption of iron in the vegetables.

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“As POW’s Nutritional advisor I can verify that Clarissa and I work hand in hand with the POW Chef team to create menus from scratch that are designed to support health, energy, and focus in the workplace.

They go above and beyond, ensuring their foods are exactly what they say they are!”

Samantha Bourne
Registered Nutritionist, Author and Therapist, DipNT, NTCC, CNHC

Samantha Bourne

Head Nutritionist
Registered Nutritionist, Author and Therapist, DipNT, NTCC, CNHC

Clarissa Lenherr

Workshop Nutritionist
Registered Nutritional Therapist, BA HONS, DIP-NT, mBANT, mCNHC

View more about us in our videos below

Click to play the videos above to hear more about our services, ethos and products from our Co Founder and Nutritionist, Clarissa Lenherr.

Download our Superfood Guide

POW Food is packed full of nutritious and delicious ingredients – our superfood guide helps you to understand the many nutritional benefits of the superfoods that we include when crafting your meals.


Sustainability is at the Heart of POW Food’s Nutritionist Meals

Powerful change

At POW Food we work to make a positive impact

Another of our core values is sustainability. We provide our clients with the opportunity to make a positive impact on the planet through SDG (Sustainable Development Goals). At the heart of our business is a sustainable performance that protects the environment around us. After all, without this then we wouldn’t have any nutritional meals to deliver! Whether it be ingredient sourcing, reducing plastic packaging, or reducing delivery miles, we’ve always got an eye on setting an example by increasing our sustainability efforts.

Goal 1

Zero Hunger

City Harvest have been one of our valued Charity partners for 3 years.

Through our Meal 4 a Meal initiative, every POW meal purchased funds a meal for a London homeless person.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, POW Food have worked with City Harvest to supply prepared meals that are distributed to the elderly in isolation and communities in critical need of food.

Goal 2

Responsible Production &

Working towards being a carbon neutral organisation, we believe that incrementalism is key. We re-use, recycle and use eco friendly materials wherever possible.

Additionally, partnered with Re-Food, the UK’s only fully integrated food chain recycler – all POW Food waste is recycled into fertiliser for crops.

“POW Food is delicious and supports so many people in its partnership with City Harvest. It has operated with a purpose since its launch. We salute you!”


CEO, City Harvest

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